Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Remember the cat

A while back my friend left a comment on my blog about her mother’s advice to “remember the cat.” Andrew and I have been joking about that ever since, whenever I need something. Like breakfast. Or sleep. Or not to be touched for 2 minutes of the day.

I was holding Rachel over the potty a few days ago and for some reason she wouldn’t go potty, even though she had given me all the signs that she needed to go. I was sure she had to go, she just had to relax enough to do it. Then the phrase “remember the cat” popped into my head and I had a stroke of pure genius.

I wiped Miriam’s behind with the corner of a wipe and then held her over the potty again. She went instantly.

Andrew walked by and so I explained my brilliant idea to him.

“So, you know cats litter-box train their kittens by licking their bums when they’re in the litter box so that they know to go?”

He nodded.

“Well, Miriam didn’t want to go, so…”

“You didn’t!?”

“Of course not! You didn’t really think that I did, did you?!”

“Well…kind of…I mean, with the way you prefaced things…”

“I used a wipe, Mr. PhD.”

Sometimes I wonder what he thinks of me. Wonder no more…


  1. That made me laugh. Including the fact you called Miriam Rachel once.

  2. I had the same comment as David so I will just say "ditto"

  3. Well, while I also noticed that already you don't know who poor Miriam is, what I want to say is that I did not read Mrs. Happy Harrison's comment on the cat post, so I just went and read it, and it was a great comment--I wish I had known to remember the cat back when I had my entire litter at home!

  4. Haha. I "ditto" all the comments before mine. Darryl and I laughed at the conversation between you and Andrew. Too, too funny.

  5.'re starting to call miriam, rachel, even when typing!
    03 December 2009 at 03:15

  6. you are a genius I have no idea how to tell if they want to go at that age!!!
    03 December 2009 at 15:14