Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Worst thing to happen to archeology since Indiana Jones (December 21)

Before leaving Dendera for good we decided to have a little fun.

With, I might add, blessings from and pleasure for the guards who were egging us on a bit for some of these pictures.

Jacob pretended to be a sphinx…

20091223 - 055

While Miriam and I were happy just to ride on one.

20091223 - 057

Miriam and Rachel took turns being held by a different, yet still headless, sphinx.

20091223 - 07120091223 - 070

Then we found an open sarcophagus and each took turns pretending to be a mummy. Jacob and I both fit just about perfectly. Andrew was sure that he would fit since he was under the impression that he is the same height as Jacob. What you can’t see is that his feet are hanging several inches over the edge of the sarcophagus.

20091223 - 063 20091223 - 064 20091223 - 06520091223 - 067

And then, right before we went through the Gate of Domitian and Trajan to leave Dendera, Rachel took her finger out of her own nose (for a change) and dug around in Bes’ nose.

20091223 - 068

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