Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Go away; I'm teething!

Miriam is not a good teether. She gets her teeth one at a time and each tooth comes in as slowly and painfully as possible. She cut her seventh tooth on December 10th and I was rather glad she did because I was beginning to get annoyed with how clingy she was and how she insisted on waking up to nurse every couple of hours all night long and how she was staying up when she would wake up instead of sleeping and how cranky she was all the time for no apparent reason. 

Sometimes knowing the cause of the behavior helps me be more patient. 

When I was admiring her seventh tooth I noticed that tooth #8 was on its way. It's still not here. So we're still waking up and screaming every couple of hours, nursing and using Orajel like they're going out of style, chewing on fists and toys and pacifiers and crib bars and blankets...

Last night I got five consecutive hours of sleep. I'm not even kidding. It was amazing. 

I'm hoping for a similar allotment tonight, though she's already been up twice and one of those times she nursed for forty-five minutes before I told her absolutely no more. 

She looked at me and whimpered, "Mo-wa, momma?"

"No way, Jose!" I told her, "It's time to go back to bed."

"Uh!" she protested and pointed to her swollen gum.

"I know. Sleeping will make it feel better." I lied.

She's been sleeping while sucking her thumb lately, which I know means she isn't sleeping very well because usually she just sucks her thumb until she falls asleep and then she relaxes and her thumb falls out of her mouth when her tongue lolls back. So hopefully this tooth comes in soon so that we can get a couple of good nights in before another tooth decides to grace her gums.

By the way, see the BYU cougar toy she's snuggled up with? It's one of her favourites; she calls it her "coug." But not even her "coug" is enough to comfort her when she's teething. Poor thing.


  1. I feel your pain. Evan has spoiled me by being a 6pm-6am sleeper for quite a while. That is, up until this last week. He's been getting his two front top teeth and been miserable. I'm looking into an amber teething necklace because I've heard such success stories and I hate seeing him so miserable. Hope you got some sleep.

  2. Tommy's holding steady at 6 teeth, each set coming in multiple times before being in to stay. Based on his behavior for the last 48 hours he dang well better have another tooth soon. Otherwise all this crying is for nothing. *sigh*