Saturday, December 18, 2010

The next five years

In the past five years we have:
  • had two children
  • lived in three different countries (USA, Jordan, Egypt) on three different continents (North America, Asia, and Africa)
  • visited England, Italy, Austria, Turkey, UAE, Canada, Spain, Morocco, and Israel (and I went to Greece without Andrew)
  • earned two bachelor's degrees and 1.25 master's degrees
  • owned and sold one car
  • been employed doing 10 or so odd "college" jobs
It's funny to think that five years ago (on October 18th) we were sitting in a little start-up shop eating liquid-nitrogen-blasted ice cream and toying with the words "we," "us," and "future." We joked about traveling to Italy together to climb the Scala Sancta on our knees and all sorts of other things and ended our conversation deciding that we wanted to be "exclusive." Neither one of us imagined where that exclusivity would take us.

Last night over dinner and dessert we conjectured about what the next five years will have in store for us. This (in no particular order) is the best five-year plan we could come up with:
  • graduate
  • find a job
  • find Scott
  • move...somewhere that is not our parents' house
Truthfully we had a hard time imagining anything beyond graduation (that's the light at the end of our current tunnel) because school is all we've ever known and breaking out of that realm is a little scary (due to the fact that it is completely foreign territory). Whatever happens, though, should be amazing, what with Andrew by my side.

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