Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm not really all that interested in fashion or trends or anything. I hate clothes shopping. I hate trying on clothes and deciding whether or not they look good. I hate having to buy my shoes in the children's section. I hate how tall, thin, and busty I am. I just can't ever find anything that fits.

However, today I found an online store called eShakti. Their tagline is "we design, you customize."

They will change the length to their shirts, dresses, skirts, and pants. They will make the sleeves any length you want. They will make a dress trimmer at the waist and bigger at the bust line. All for $7.50.

It's like the answer to the "if only this dress were two inches longer" dilemma. Or the solution to the "this would be really cute if only it had sleeves" problem.

One day when I have $54.95 (plus $7.50) to spend on a dress, I think this is what I will spend it on. Or perhaps this.


  1. Those are gorgeous dresses! The black one actually looks a lot like my ill-fated H&M dress.

    Since you're in Utah, perhaps you can tell me if you've heard of these underslip things that have attractive hems that you can use to make a dress longer. Sound familiar? I feel like I've heard of it somewhere and Utah would be the most likely place...

  2. It looks like you'll want to look here:

    They're redoing their website so it won't help now, but it seems they're called "extender slips." I've never heard of them but they aren't a bad idea, really... :) I'll let you know if I see them around.

  3. Also, I just found this:

    I don't know if you sew (I don't, but this looks easy enough).

  4. Oooh those are beautiful dresses! I hope you have $54.95 (plus $7.50) soon! :)

  5. These are cute dresses. I actually ordered two. Hoping it works out!!!! So Bridget in October when I was out there Shade had closed...I guess they overextended themselves. Hopefully they open up again soon because I love them. I've actually seen people wear a dress over a longer skirt and it can be way cute :)

  6. Cool store, Nanc! Thanks for sharing :)