Sunday, December 26, 2010

Touch me not

School is out for Christmas break which means that we've been seeing a lot more of Phillip lately. Phillip lives a couple of houses down from us and he basically grew up between our house and his. Andrew and his older brother were best friends growing up. Truthfully, we've been missing Phillip because before school started he would stop by almost every day to see if he could play with the girls (both of them adore him and since he's the youngest child, by a large margin, and both of his parents work he preferred to play at our house rather than be at home alone all day).

One day this week he was over here for more than eight hours. He discovered Angry Birds on Andrew's iPod Touch and just disappeared. We'd find him in various locations around the house, quietly working on some ramdom Angry Birds level. Around bedtime I asked if Phillip was still here but no one could say for certain until I found him in our office, bouncing on my exercise ball in the corner, still playing Angry Birds. He (finally) went home but was over again the next day.

We had Josh and Carolee (our friends from Egypt) over for dinner and after we put the kids to bed we went downstairs to play MarioKart. While we were playing Phillip came downstairs.

"Touch me!" he said to Andrew.

Looking a little nervous, Andrew slowly raised his hand to touch Phillip's shoulder.

"Not like that!" shrieked Phillip, "iTouch me!"

Andrew dug the iPod out of his pocket and handed it to Phillip. Phillip flopped onto one of the couches and quickly dissolved into the world of Angry Birds. We hardly knew he was there.

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