Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fortunately, Unfortunately

It's raining right now so that means that I can blog instead of working or going running, right? Today's been one of those days where the good things are very good and the bad things are horrid. So I don't really feel like either running or working right now, though I will have to do the latter eventually.

I biked the girls to Rachel's swimming lessons this morning; fortunately, it's downhill so I could coast most of the way.

Unfortunately, when we got there I discovered that I had signed Rachel up for Level 1 instead of Preschool 1.

Fortunately, there was one spot left in Preschool 1 so I was able to switch Rachel to the correct class and her lesson went swimmingly. Pun intended.

Unfortunately, I then had to bike the girls home; it's uphill so there was no coasting involved (but, admittedly, there was a bit of walking).

Fortunately, nothing catastrophic happened (unlike yesterday when Andrew's tire popped and Rachel stepped on a stick and scraped up her ankle so it took us like an hour to get home) and when we got home we all ate ice cream to cool down.

Unfortunately, Rachel spent the next hour or so screaming her head off for no apparent reason, causing herself to vomit on her bed, causing me to have to wash her sheets.

Fortunately, Grandma took pity on the girls (or me; take your pick) and invited them to watch a TV show in her office so I got a little bit of work done.

Unfortunately, I remembered that I was supposed to be searching for an insurance plan and that really put a damper on my day.

Fortunately, Andrew came home from work and I was able to convince him to go swimming with the girls and me. We have The Pass of All Passes to Seven Peaks ($40 on Groupon...considering they last a full year and it costs $30 just to get into Seven Peaks once, it was a pretty good deal) and we haven't even gone swimming yet this summer. Until today.

Unfortunately, while we were there I got stung by a bee. That hasn't happened since I was like five!

Fortunately, it stung me and not Miriam. Bees are unusually attracted to her bathing suit (we know this because it's a hand-me-down of Rachel's (that we maybe should just get rid of because bees were attracted to it when she wore it, too, though no one ever got stung when she was small enough to fit in it)) and I noticed this bee buzzing around her but I thought it left so I stopped watching her so vigilantly and then I got stung on the arm I was holding her with. I totally freaked out because I didn't know what happened and all of a sudden had pain shooting up and down my arm. "Get it off! Get it off!" I screamed.

Unfortunately, Andrew didn't know what had happened so he started swatting at my arm, too.

Fortunately, I was able to communicate to him what happened and he was able to pull the stinger out in tact, we got some medicine to put on it, and enjoyed the rest of our swim.

Unfortunately, we got a little cold so we decided it was time to go home.

Fortunately, Rachel didn't throw a fit when we announced our decision.

Unfortunately, when we got to our towels we found a mystery man sprawled out, and fast asleep, on one of our towels.

Fortunately, he woke up when Andrew went to retrieve the rest of our stuff and we all had a good laugh. He was part of a big group that came together and thought that our towels were part of their turf. At least he was watching our stuff, right? He almost didn't let us take it.

Unfortunately, we were now a towel down since the towel mystery man had been sleeping on was soaked.

Fortunately, it was warm and we dried off relatively quickly, anyway.

Unfortunately, it was bedtime when we got home and the girls are never willing to go to bed, even after swimming, so we fought about that.

Fortunately, Miriam went to bed without nursing. Or unfortunately. I can't really decide. I'm kind of heart broken about it but it's becoming necessary at this point. There's a number of reasons, really, but I think the biggest one is that I need to reclaim my body. I've been pregnant and/or breastfeeding for nearly FIVE YEARS, nonstop. I'm tired. My body has forgotten how to regulate hormones and other fun things like iron levels. I need to be me...without the leech...just for a while at least.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, really, since I'm rather grateful to have a job at all) I really need to start working now because, fortunately, my children, who were put in bed nearly an hour ago, have finally fallen asleep.

Here's hoping tomorrow's a happier day overall.

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