Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More on Meme

Yesterday Miriam insisted on having a pillow for her nap. I suppose she's old enough for one by now since technically she's old enough to be in a big girl bed. Alas, her crib is still a crib and we're not sure when that's going to change since the crib serves as a wonderful protection for her from her older sister. 

Also, Meme's not the kind of kid who will stay in bed once she's put there and I'm not sure I'm ready to deal with having her run out of her bedroom 50 times a night.

For now she'll just sleep with a pillow in her crib. 

When I go in to get her, whether it's first thing in the morning or just after her nap, I ask her one of two questions. 

"Did you have a good sleep?" if it's the morning, or "Did you have a good nap?" if it's the afternoon.

Lately she has been giving preemptive answers. When I walk into her room she says, "Good sleep!" or "Good nap!" before I can even ask her.

Miriam has been coveting a pair of Rachel's church shoes. They're pink. And horribly worn. But Rachel wears them every Sunday, anyway, and Miriam wears them every chance she gets.

Unfortunately for Miriam, since they were hand-me-downs when we got them and they get more and more beat up each time they're worn, I'm not sure they're going to make it to the hand-me-down pile when Rachel is finished with them. They might just end up in the trash.

And lastly, here is Miriam with her "yong, yong, 'Punzel haywer," or long, long Rapunzel hair (for those of you needing translation).

She came up with that all on her own. 


  1. Meh, I slept in a crib until I was five. I can still remember it. I shared a room with both of my sisters--well, first with just my brother, and then as he was older and needed his privacy, me and the crib moved in with C and A. I loved my crib, and was very sad when my parents moved C into her own room, and with just A and I in the room, the crib was banished to the basement for storage. I still fit in it, though with little room, and I didn't mind sleeping in it at all.

  2. All of my kids were in cribs until they were about three and when they hit two I gave them their own pillow. It was nice to keep them in the crib until I was ready to get them as opposed to them them up a million times a night for whatever they "needed." Uh huh. Like your mom I also remember that I slept in a crib for a long time. I remember taking naps in it too. Fond memories...

  3. We just moved Sadie into her big girl bed...she gets out a lot while the lights are on but as soon as the lights go out she stays put. Hope it last :)