Friday, July 15, 2011

When we're helping

Cloze quiz time. 

When we're helping we're ____________ (happy/grumpy)
And we ____________ (sing/yell) as we go;
And we _________ (love/hate) to help mother,
For we all ____________ (love/spite) her so.

Let's see how you did. If you were answering from Miriam's perspective your answers should have been:

1) happy

2) sing
3) love
4) love

I might not always love it when she helps because...I mean...just look at the silverware drawer. But at least she loves to help. I don't even have to ask her to help; she volunteers.

The "plastic-ware" shelves are usually as equally disheveled as the silverware drawer.

But look at those cute pigtails and sweet face!

Why do they have to grow up?

Are you ready for the answers from Rachel's perspective?

1) grumpy
2) yell
3) hate
4) spite

I, uh, don't have any pictures of Rachel helping recently because I don't like taking pictures of ugly things. The next time she happens to be happy while helping, I'll be sure to take a picture. You know the lasts longer, right? 

I am getting so sick of the fighting and the tears and the agony that it takes to get Rachel to do her jobs.

I have to wonder if Wallace F. Bennet wasn't being just a smidgeon ironic when he wrote the words to When We're Helping.


  1. Oldest children are such a pain! I kid....sort of :) Cute pics of Miriam.

  2. Yesterday the author Mary Downing Hahn said "I...Dare I say it?...HATED the Little House books because all those girls did was WORK! And I HATED doing housework. Why would I want to READ about it?" So...Rachel is in good company with her aversion to helping! :o)

  3. "I don't like to take pictures of ugly things" actually made me snort. Out loud. Embarrassing!

  4. Surprisingly, my oldest is the one who loves to help out the most and will do things without being asked! It's the other two that I have a hard time getting to help out or do chores. Gah. Myrna's comment sure made me laugh!