Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day Play-Doh

In their stockings the girls each got five little tubs of Play-Doh, but when we were cleaning up the Christmas present mess in the living room we just grouped them all together since our [stupid] parental plan was to have them just share them all. However, they have memories like elephants and seemed to remember who got which colours. I don't know how.

We gave them chapstick, too, and I actually do remember which ones we gave to which girls—we gave Miriam Cinderella (blue) and Snow White (dark pink, aka red) and we gave Rachel Tiana (green) and Ariel (pink, aka light red). I was surprised when Miriam dug out the ones she got in her stocking from the pool of stocking stuffers that ended up on our bed.

"This blue one's mine! And this pink one!"

Considering she just grabbed them out of her stocking before casting them aside in favour of other presents I find it rather remarkable that she remembered which ones were her.

The Play-Doh, though, was a little tricker because the girls had to remember five colours that were "theirs." Since they kept fighting over certain colours I decided that neither of them could really remember whose was whose, either, and explained to them that I thought that perhaps "Santa" meant for them to share all the colours.

Eventually they thought that was an okay idea and we spent about an hour playing with Play-Doh before bedtime yesterday.

On the box it warned parents that "molded results may vary depending on age and skill level." I'm glad they warned me or I would have been really disappointed in all the "carrots" Miriam kept making. I probably would have sued Play-Doh had I not read that disclaimer first because the kids on the box were making some pretty amazing things.

Rachel used a heart cookie-cutter to make a butterfly.

She made a snake and a donut and a snail and...a lot of other things.

Miriam made a mess, mostly.

But toward the end she was watching me and Rachel carefully to pick up a few Play-Doh skills, like how to roll a ball...

By the way, the yellow shirt Rachel is wearing is a new one that Auntie Sarah gave her for Christmas. She loves it.

"Mom," she sniffed to me, "I don't ever want to grow up anymore."

"Why not?" I asked her.

"Because then this shirt will not fit me anymore and I just love it and always want to have it. Do you think they make it in a bigger size?"

She's so funny sometimes!


  1. Miriam hair is getting so long!!!! Ezra asked me yesterday when we were going to go and visit those people again. I said what people? He said, "You know those people we used to live with when I was a baby." It took me a second but then I laughed when I realized he was talking about you guys :)

  2. Congratulations on your new little one!!! That's super exciting.
    (I'm sorry you're pregnant)

  3. @ Crys — Yeah! When are you going to visit those people you used to live with? Just kidding...focus on getting that baby home. And then one day...when we're in grad school (again) maybe we'll live closer. Pray Andrew gets into Bloomington! :)

    @ HH — Andrew saw "I'm sorry you're pregnant," and said, "What's that supposed to mean?"

    "Ummmm...that pregnancy isn't fun."

    "Oh," he said, "That makes sense."

    He thought you were, like, actually sorry I was pregnant. Which you are. But not in the same way he was thinking. :) Men!

  4. I can so relate to Rachel! There are many articles of clothing from my childhood that I wish were made in my size now and that I never had to give them up. it's rather tragic sometimes