Wednesday, December 14, 2011


After tonight, Andrew will only have one final left. As he said, it doesn't seem real. Somehow it feels like he will have to continue staying up late working on rubrics and papers and other nonsense forever. I know he won't, but that's how it feels. This semester he turned in a 90-page paper, single spaced (though it included a lot of charts) and a 30-page paper, also single spaced. And that was only for two of his classes. He still had to take finals in those classes. And had papers and projects and tests in his other classes.

Needless to say, he's been busy.

Miriam was bent on being a quintessential two-year-old today but she did have some cute moments. We've been playing a lot of Christmas carols and the girls have been picking up on the lyrics. One of Miriam's favourites is The First Noel, though I'm not quite sure she knows what it's about. She went into the bathroom tonight and found her toy dolphin in the bathtub.

"Mommy! I found a whale!" she said, excitedly. "Now Jesus can have a whale!"

I was rather puzzled by her statement until she walked away and started singing.

"No whale! No whale! No whale! No whale! Born is the king..."

I suppose that, when you're two, Noel and "no whale" sound the same (especially when you pronounce them both as "no-we-wuh.")

Rachel helped me fold the laundry today. She's been practicing so hard—she can fold socks about 50% of the time and even managed to tackle a few pairs of pants and some shirts today. Every time she thought she did a decent job she would run off and show it to Andrew.

"I folded this shirt all by myself, Daddy!" she'd say.

She's been so wonderful to have around lately. I'm glad we kept her through the terrible twos and threes. It gives me hope that I'll be able to stand having Miriam around through those years, too (though so far she is much tamer than Rachel ever was at that age).

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  1. Yay for being done! And that is so cute about the whale! What a cutie.