Thursday, December 29, 2011

More holiday revelry

Last night my cousin Elizabeth and my Auntie Judy came over to play games with me and Andrew and my mom and dad and Josie. Elizabeth is living in the DC area right now but she flew out for a visit during Christmas break. She came out for about three weeks, actually (her husband flew out, too, but not for as long). 

I saw her a couple of weeks ago at my grandpa's funeral. It was nice of her (and my aunt and uncle) to come (since they're on my mom's side and it was my dad's dad that died). We told each other that we'd have to get together "for sure," but then the holidays happened and then I got sick and we never got around to getting together.

I'm so glad that Elizabeth called a couple of days ago to set this up, though! She leaves tomorrow so we were just able to manage to squeeze in some cousin time before she left.

Josie, Elizabeth, Auntie Judy
We played Catch Phrase, which was really fun, and then we tried a round of UNO Spin before we decided to call it a night. My dad got a job and it was his first day today so he wanted to get to bed so he could wake up feeling refreshed and ready to work. My mom said that him getting a job was the best Christmas present she got this year (he got the phone call on Monday). I agree! I'm so excited for him!

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  1. Totally should have had E take off the grey sweater, because then all three of them would have been all stripey. I didn't notice that last night!