Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Painting and napping

Today Rachel spent all of Miriam's nap time painting. 

The fun continued after Miriam woke up. I think we ended up using half a tree's worth of scrap paper. Rachel did a whole lot of Harry Potter pictures, mostly of Hermione, and a few Christmas pictures, including one of Rudolph. Miriam did a whole lot of ink blots, one of which she called "Santa in a moustache." This was Miriam's first time painting, I think, so she was pretty fascinated with the whole process.

While I was making dinner Miriam took most of the towels and washcloths out of the drawer and put a snowman down for a nap in the living room.

I should probably go put them away sometime...

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  1. Dear Nancy,
    I stumbled across your blog last night when I googled the "Qala'un" complex in Cairo and have spent hours avidly reading the many entries on your blog of your Cairo adventures. I've found what you've written to be entertaining, funny and fascinating. Thanks for having kept such a wonderful and varied account!