Saturday, December 03, 2011

Not tested on animals

Modeling the bow tie bib today is Miss Miriam. It fit her teddy bear so nicely that I was a little nervous the neck part would be too small for an actual baby. Miriam volunteered to try the bib on to make sure that it would fit a baby.

And she was more than happy to do so.

"Smile!" I said.

"Not I can smile!" she said.


She just saw these pictures on the screen and said, "Why is that baby crying?"

I said, "That baby is you. Why are you crying in that picture?"

"Not that is me," she said. "That baby is crying because that baby is sad."


When we told Rachel we were going to the baby shower she decided she wanted to come, too. Originally I had only planned on taking Miriam because Rachel had kicked her out of their bedroom for "alone time" and Miriam was feeling a little sad about that. But they both ended up coming. 

Rachel was a little confused about how Sister Crisanto could possibly have a baby when she's not pregnant. That's because her friend Spencer's mom is pregnant and is due next month; we just saw her yesterday and discussed what "pregnant" means. I could see the wheels in Rachel's head turning as she tried to compute this information.

Spencer's mom is very round in belly. That's because there's a baby in there.

Sister Crisanto is not round in belly at all. So where is this baby coming from?!

Grandma told Rachel that the Crisantos would be adopting their baby—like how Uncle Jacob came to be in our family. Again the wheels in Rachel's head started whirring. 

"So," she posited, "Will this baby have a different colour of eyes then?"

She is so funny about that. Uncle Jacob has green eyes and the rest of the family has blue eyes and Rachel swears this is because he's adopted. Now, this is probably true...however, it's entirely possible to be full-blooded siblings and have different colours of eyes from one another. She just can't quite grasp that concept. 

Anyway, it was a beautiful shower. I'm really excited for the Crisantos and can't wait to meet their sweet little boy!


  1. My siblings always told me that I was adopted. And they all have blue eyes, and mine are definitely brown...

  2. PS Don't want anyone to think that I WAS adopted when I wasn't! :o)

    They just liked to make me cry! (The adoption story they told was not very kind.)

    And my dad had brown eyes, too, so I was not alone!

  3. She might be right... after all, I AM the only one with Brown eyes....