Monday, December 12, 2011

Heiss Family Christmas Party

On Saturday afternoon we headed up to Grandpa Frank and Grandma Sharon's house for the Heiss family Christmas party. It was fun to get to see the people we should see more often but somehow rarely get around to seeing. Some we see more often than others but we certainly don't see them enough.

Like Matt and Becky—I'm so glad we got to sit at the same table with them. We haven't talked with them in ages. It was fun to see everyone, though—I'm so glad Grandma Sharon took the time to plan it!

Grandpa Frank set up his train under the tree and charmed all of the great-grandchildren with it (well, with that and his dancing/singing Christmas Snoopy).

Miriam was also particularly interested in Grandma Sharon's cuckoo clock—little people come out and dance on the hour and she was quite mesmerized by that.

Grandma and Grandpa are going away for Christmas so they gave us our gifts early.

They spoil us so much I'm not sure there'll be room for anything else under the tree!

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