Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Un-cousins and cousins

We have loved having all the little Gillespies over. And we have loved sending Rachel over to the Gillespie's a lot. It's so great because there are so many little ones all around the same age. Rachel and A are currently four. Then Michael, who will be four in just a little while, and E are currently three. J will be three next month but right now she and Miriam are two. Then there's A—he's one—and J—who is just a couple of months old. It's great.

Rachel spent much more time at the Gillespie's than the children spent over here, but we did have some kids over some of the time and they seemed to have taught Rachel that our toys are actually fun to play with because since they've gone she's still done remarkably well with playing.

A and Michael taught Rachel how to build guns out of lego (oh, joy). They spent a lot of time shooting each other and dying and then coming back to life and shooting each other more.

Last night was Michael's last night at our house. Diana and Richard went bowling and left Michael with us (it's their anniversary today). We played a bit of Nintendo with the kids and then they just played and played and played until bedtime.

We certainly are going to miss that little man. My girls adore him.

We're also going to miss having Richard and Diana. I feel bad that I was sick this trip (their trip, not ours; we didn't go on a trip) because I feel like I mostly ignored everybody. But I did get to chat with Diana last night. 


  1. Umm... I think your blog will get higher ratings if you take off that final picture there. Ugly!

    I enjoyed our chat last night. And I definitely loved the constant entertainment for Michael.

    And thanks for babysitting!

  2. @Diana -- what ugly picture? I see only lovely pictures. You need glasses.