Friday, December 16, 2011

Pepparkaka Hus

Grandma found some cute gingerbread house kits at IKEA, similar to this but all baked and stamped and everything. They came with assembly instructions and everything. They're pretty cute. But the title was in Swedish, which is fine, if not a little shocking.

"Hey, Andrew," I told Andrew, "Your mom bought two pepparkaka huses at IKEA for the girls."

"She bought what?!"

Then I showed him the box—she bought a pepparkaka hus, of course.

They sat on the counter for weeks and weeks while life got uncontrollably busy. Then on Wednesday, Grandma found some time to make up her own little gingerbread house (including baking and cutting it out). And on Thursday we helped the girls decorate their store bought kits. It was really good timing, actually, because when I dropped Rachel off at school yesterday her little friend said, "Hey, know what? We made gingerbreads houses yesterday without you!"

"Hey, know what?" she said back, "I don't care because I'm making a gingerbread house with my grandma after school today!"

Then they ran off to play together.

Friendship is so weird when you're little. I imagine that whole scene would have played out a little differently (and a little more tearfully) if we hadn't been planning on making gingerbread houses later in the day.

So after lunchtime and nap time we quickly decorated a couple of pepparkakshus before Andrew and I left on our date.

Rachel needed much less guidance than Miriam, who spent most of her time shoving candy into her mouth as fast as she could manage.

The girls had a great time and now our gingerbread houses are on display for all to see (and smell).

Grandma's forest:

Miriam's house:

Grandma's house, complete with bridge:

Rachel's house: 

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