Saturday, January 07, 2012

Don't sleep. Get dressed!

This morning Miriam climbed in bed with us and asked for breakfast. It's Saturday so I told her to bug her daddy. She began shaking him and chanting, "Don't sleep. Get dressed. Don't sleep. Get dressed. Don't sleep. Get dressed."

"Is that her new mantra or something?" I asked.

"It must be," said Andrew.

It certainly explains her behaviour lately. 

What behaviour? Oh, the behaviour of staying up until all hours of the night trying on various outfits. 

I checked on her at 11:30 last night (after the girls' room had been quiet for a full half hour) and found her wearing a play dress and a pair of Rachel's dress shoes over her footie jammies.

We'd already gone in multiple times through the evening to rescue a screaming Miriam from being tangled in t-shirts and nightgowns and other such things. I guess she finally found the right outfit, though, and was able to go to sleep.

I can almost see her muttering that to herself while she digs through her drawers in the dark—don't sleep, get dressed, don't sleep, get dressed, don't sleep, get dressed...

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