Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sink bath

The last record I have of Miriam having a sink bath was just over two years ago—on January 20th—she was three months old. It was much different than the sink bath she had today!

After dinner Rachel asked if they could have a bath and originally I said no because they should have one on Saturday so they'll be clean for Sunday. And then I realized that today is Saturday (darn it all; I thought it was Friday again) so quickly changed my mind and asked the girls to get ready for a bath. 

Miriam quickly stripped off her clothes and then ran into the kitchen, laughing, "I'm lake-ed!"

I love how she say lake-ed instead of naked.

Grandpa swooped her up and told her she was going to have a shower in the sink. This is a common little game of theirs—he'll dip her head in the sink and sprinkle her with water. She also enjoys asking him for a "sink-rink!" (or "sink-drink," for those of us who can pronounce all our consonant clusters).

Anyway, because she was so fit for a sink shower she ended up having a full on bath in the kitchen sink.

She thought it was both hilarious and enjoyable.

When she was all squeaky clean and grandpa had toweled her off, she ran off to join Rachel in the bathroom.

"Me want a big bath now!" she said.

I have a feeling that this was one of the last sink baths Miriam will be taking...unless we get a bigger kitchen sink.

Also, I was mistaken about both children being asleep before 9:00—Miriam is most definitely still awake and now she's out in the living room entertaining some "big kids" who came to visit with Grandpa.

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