Friday, January 13, 2012

Tonight's bedtime prayer

"Alright, Miriam. It's your turn to pray—go ahead. And remember to say something new," I prompted.

"Dear Father," she began, "Bless a day. Something new. And...Rachel it's not your turn! Stop folding your arms! It's not your turn to pray! Mom! Rachel's praying! It's my turn to pray! Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop that, Rachel!"

We're getting there.


But we're getting there.


  1. hahahahaha that's so cute! Kai prayed last night that he was "thankful the world hasn't ended yet." Awesome. Sometimes it's nice to hear little kids pray because we forget some of the things we should be thankful, like the world not ending yet and stuff...

  2. Hahaha. That is pretty funny. We have a few of those times too. I love Abra's comment...hahaha.