Thursday, January 05, 2012

yeah thing 96 yo 133

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. The clinic called my phone and left a message to remind me. Google Voice transcribed that message for me.

Nancy Heiss bye. Hello, this is try getting medical clinic. We are calling to remind bye. Yeah, Nancy Heiss bye you up an appointment with us Friday, January 6th at bye. Yeah, I'm 30 AM, yeah. If you are unable to keep this appointment for any reason please call us as soon as possible at 8:01 yeah thing 96 yo 133. 3 you cancel or reschedule.... You look forward to seeing you. Bye.

I listened to the message just to make sure I had the time right in my calendar.

The audio message was much more understandable than the transcribed message but the transcribed message was so fun to read. It made me nostalgic for my doctor appointments in Egypt.

Really. It did.


  1. My favorite was always the messages left in (insert language here) on my phone that Google Voice tried to transcribe into English. So great and utterly incomprehensible!!