Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Pictures from General Conference

I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Saturday morning and timed it so that they'd be ready by the time the girls usually wake up. But then they didn't wake up so we had to go wake them up. They were excited for the cinnamon rolls, though they were even more excited when I gave them permission to visit the neighbour's plum tree, which is covered in pink "popcorn" blossoms.

During conference Rachel enjoyed figuring out the topics—she coloured all of her topic-eggs right away and then would just pick up the ones the speaker mentioned and put them in her basket. We emptied and filled it a few times before she was sick of doing that. She decorated the sheet of empty eggs with a Harry Potter theme (completely relevant to conference, I know) and also wrote down a few words the prophet said:

Miriam was more interested in going completely freestyle:

Her drawings are getting more and more detailed and interesting.

After conference, Rachel decided that she wanted to wash the dishes by hand. I'm not sure why—did they mention that during conference?—but I let her do it. Miriam helped rinse. I did quality control.

We put the dishes in the dishwasher to dry which, Rachel explained, would make her chores a lot easier because in the morning they'd be all dry and all she'd have to was put them away. I asked her how that makes her chores easier since I'm usually the one who does the dishes and all she ever does is put them away but she told me that "it just does."

She asked if we could "please, please, please move to a house without a dishwasher because [she] want[s] to do the dishes by hand everyday! It's so fun!"

I told her I was going to write that down because if we do happen to move to a house without a dishwasher I think "it's so fun!" will quickly disappear from her description of washing the dishes by hand. Not that washing the dishes by hand would damage her childhood—my family didn't have a dishwasher until I was fifteen. And we certainly didn't have a dishwasher when we lived in Jordan or Egypt. I actually have some very fond memories of standing at the sink, washing dishes with a sibling or a parent or Andrew and just talking while working together. 

I think there's something to be said about working together but I still do appreciate having a dishwasher.

Perhaps we can come to a compromise and still have a dishwasher but declare Friday hand-wash day or something just so that Rachel and I can stand side-by-side at the sink and talk while we work together. 

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  1. I LOVED washing dishes by hand for most of my childhood. I don't know when it wore off. I remember the power went out at our house in Texas (during Sunday dinner I think) and I wouldn't let anyone else do the dishes, because I wanted it all to myself.