Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Videos: Luau and Ice Skating

As promised, here are some videos from the luau. First is Rachel mimicking the dancers:

She was so funny—I told her that her cousins Olivia and Sabrina are of Tongan descent (their father is Tongan) and she gushed, "They need to learn how to dance then because this is amazing!"

Here's Miriam doing a bit of a Hawaiian dance (before she stopped dancing to scoot around the floor to get away from that baby—she is terrified of babies that age (about 18 months) because they're all her size or bigger yet don't talk, hardly walk, drool, push, and pull):

Here's Miriam joining in on the singing of I Am a Child of God (the first verse was sung in Tongan and then they asked us to join in singing in (the first verse) in English):

Here's Rachel trying to skate at the beginning of our time on the ice. She fell down every ten seconds or so for the first twenty minutes we were there:

Here's us skating toward the end (when Rachel had gotten good enough to not fall over every five seconds). Do enjoy the part where I almost skate over Miriam (she's fine, don't worry):

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