Sunday, April 01, 2012

Through the eyes of a toddler: General Conference

This has been a very confusing weekend for Miriam.

The girls are in the habit of watching "Music and the Spoken Word" with Grandma before church on Sundays. I usually take the opportunity to either get dressed without an audience or to eat breakfast without having any stray bits of food flung in my direction—all while listening to the strains of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir drift through the house.

Guess what General Conference looks like to a two-year-old?

If you guessed that it looks a whole lot like "Music and the Spoken Word," you'd be 100% correct.

All day yesterday Miriam was insisting that it was Sunday.

"No, it's Saturday," we told her.

"Is it Sunday!" she said.

"Today is Saturday."

"Today is Sunday" she insisted.

"No. Tomorrow is Sunday. Today is Saturday."

"No! Tomorrow is Sunday!"


She refused to take a nap after the first session of conference and we couldn't figure out why until we had finished with the second session of conference and she asked if she could choose a dress to wear to church. She hadn't taken a nap because she thought it was still Sunday morning, before church.

Today went over much the same, only this time she was correct that it was Sunday and she ended up taking a nap because I reminded her how tired she had been yesterday (she begged to take a nap at 5:30 but I told her no).

At the very end of the last session of conference she jumped up and said, "And now we will get ready to go to church!"

What a sweet girl, to want to go to church after sitting through eight hours of conference!

We explained, once again, that we wouldn't be going to church this week because we had General Conference instead, and we got to listen to the prophet and the choir and it was just like church only on TV.

I have a feeling her little internal clock is going to be off all week.

I can only imagine what she's thinking after all of this:

"That was the longest Sunday morning ever! And we skipped church to watch TV!?"


  1. Emmy excitedly told Abby all Saturday morning that we got to watch TV *all* day that day. I think the excitement wore off after the first session, but she actually made it through all 4 sessions.
    I'm sure Miriam will be awfully excited to go to church next Sunday!

  2. My kids are always excited to watch conference. They're getting to the age where it actually means something to them...especially Rachael. Also...they love staying in their pajamas.

    I love the conversation you and Miriam had. What a sweet girl!