Saturday, August 31, 2013


Benjamin is always so excited to go outside. He loves watching butterflies and walking on the lawn barefoot, letting the grass tickle his toes. Yesterday when we went out to meet Rachel's bus he started kicking his legs, pointing at something very important and yelling, "Apfoowah! Apfoowah! Apfoowah!"

Miriam ran off to pick some apfoowah (dandelion puffs) to give to him. He gladly took her offering and started to blow on them, "Apfoowah! Apfoowah!" Apfoowah!"

Sometimes his blowing backfires.


There are surprisingly few dandelions here, though with all the seeds my kids have been blowing around the neighbourhood there might be a population surge next dandelion season.

We often say to Benjamin in a deep, silly voice, "I love this guy!" (from The Lorax). This is the little face makes me want to say that:

We waited for quite a long time for Rachel's bus to arrive which meant we got to play with a lot of dandelions.


Rachel's bus driver told us that she can see us from our porch so we don't have to wait out in the sun/rain/cold/weather, just as long as she can see us and we can see her. This is rather nice to know for the times when it's dreadful outside. But, honestly, meeting the bus is probably Benjamin's favourite part of the day, so we'll likely continue waiting outside.


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  2. These are SUCH cute pictures of your kids, esp. Benjamin!!! Eating flowers... and that adorable monkey shirt! I hope Rachel is having fun at school.

  3. Did you sneak this post in late or something? How do I miss entire posts? It is a mystery...