Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stale Bread for Dessert

"Can we have dessert tonight?" Rachel asked hopefully during dinner.

I don't make desserts very frequently so she was quite surprised when I told her that I did have dessert planned for tonight.

"Really?" she asked.

"Really?" Andrew and Miriam echoed.

"Really," I assured them.

On Monday night in a fit of home-economical frenzy, I made cookies after I put the kids to bed, perhaps mostly because I wanted some cookie dough. It was so easy to make cookies without 2–3 little people underfoot wanting to "help" that I briefly considered doing all my cooking after bedtime.

Andrew and I enjoyed a few cookies while we watched an episode of Star Trek (I'm open to suggestions for other shows on Netflix—anyone?). Yesterday Miriam and I had a cookie after lunch. This morning Andrew grabbed some cookies for breakfast on his rush out the door. Somehow Rachel's missed out on all of this.

"Oh, I know what it is," Andrew said.

"Me, too! It's cookies!" Miriam chirped.

"Let it be a surprise!" Rachel pleaded. "Don't tell me what it is!"

"I already did! It's cookies!" Miriam repeated.

"Okay, but don't tell me what kind."

The girls finished their dinner, changed into their pyjamas, and sluggishly cleaned up the house before meeting back at the kitchen table for dessert.

Andrew got down the bowl of cookies. He made a big show of fishing around, letting the girls hear the baked goods knock into each other, before fishing out a piece of somewhat-stale bread.

"What?!" the girls said.

I'd thrown a piece of bread into the container yesterday when I noticed the cookies were getting a little hard. That happens to my cookies sometimes. Deal with it.

"Mom made hard bread for dessert! Yum, yum!" Andrew teased.

The girls started panicking.

"No, she didn't!" Rachel said. "She wouldn't!"

"There's cookies in there, Dad!" Miriam insisted. "I know it!"

Andrew dropped the bread back in the bowl and fumbled through the cookies again before pulling out the same piece of bread.

"It's just bread," he said sadly, handing the bread to Rachel.

She took the bread, pouted for a second, gave a heavy sigh, and bit off a corner. She swallowed hard, choking down disappointment, tears, and bread.

"Just kidding!" Andrew said. "Here's a cookie!"

Our family hasn't laughed so hard in a long time.


  1. Such a tease you are, Andrew! I haven't laughed so hard for awhile, either!

  2. I wonder where Andrew gets that attitude - hmmm!

  3. But Nancy, your hard cookies are *so delicious*!

  4. Did you finish dr who? We loved Battlestar galatica although it is a little racy! One great season of firefly! Ripper Street, only eight episodes, is pretty good if you like the new sherlock. Loved Longmire (Wyoming cop show), IT crowd (weird British comedy), Everest beyond the limit (reality tv, seriously nuts about climbing that mountain), Continuum (new Canadian scifi show), x-files.

  5. Ps, you are lucky she laughed! I would have kicked you for keeping me from a cookie Andrew :)

  6. the series 'Larkrise to Candleford' is amazing and would fit with your love for Laura Ingals Wilder.

    Also, In australia we put cookies in a airtight container/tin and they keep for age without being hard :)