Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Splash Pad

Yesterday we were invited to a little friend's birthday party but unfortunately that little friend lives quite far out of my driving bubble and I just couldn't summon the courage to drive all the way out there, so instead we stayed home and played the day away.

In the afternoon another friend invited us to meet them at a splash pad (well within my driving bubble). Miriam was thrilled when I asked her if she wanted to go to a splash pad.

"Okay, sure!" she said, running to get her swim suit. "So, are we going back to Florida? They have a splash pad there, you know."

She talks about Florida all the time. 

"No, not to Florida," I told her. "There is a splash pad right by the museum."

She was a little disappointed about the location but quickly changed into her swimsuit nonetheless. We had quite a bit of fun in the hot, hot sun. It seems the dog days of summer are finally here, just as fall's approaching (seriously—more than one tree in our neighbourhood has shed all its leaves (and it's still 80° to 90°F outside)).

We couldn't stay for too long because we had to get back home to meet Rachel's bus, but we had a fun time while we were there. We'll have to try visiting there again with Rachel!

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