Sunday, August 18, 2013

Apple core

This evening I read the most difficult book to the children—Bubble Trouble. I was tripping over my tongue the whole time and that's not only because my mind is numb, or, as I told Andrew yesterday, "My numb is mind." This book would be difficult to read under any circumstances. Let me give you a snippet:

There was such a flum-a-diddle (Mabel huddled in the middle),
Cannon Dapple left the chapel, followed by the chapel choir.

And the treble singer Abel threw an apple core at Mabel,
as the baby in the bubble bobbled up a little higher.

I had to laugh at this verse because of the apple core game Reid and his siblings played as children.

"Apple core!" one would shout.

"All the more!" another would chime in.

"Who's your friend?" the first would shout. Then a different child would be named and *SMACK* they'd be hit with an apple core. This seems to be a game they stole from Donald Applecore (see 2:50), though it seems Donald actually says Baltimore.

I don't know where Disney got the idea from but apparently "Apple core! Baltimore!" is a classic children's game from the 1900s, perhaps in use as early as 1920, though the Wikipedia page about this game has since been deleted because it was an "unnecessary article which has become trivia." Hogwash. I'm pretty sure that if we can have an extensively researched article on Wikipedia about Pat-a-Cake or a collection of skipping rope rhymes we can have a page about Apple Core! Baltimore! especially because it's not exhaustively researched. I saw plenty of people wondering about its origins but the only mention of the game on Wikipedia is on a Chip'n'Dale page. There's a better explanation of the game Yahoo than there is on Wikipedia and that just seems wrong on so many levels (even if the answerer used the deleted page as a reference (I think the full text of the article is quoted here though)).

But who knew it was actually a thing? Not me.

Anyway, the story was rather cute, though quite a challenge to read aloud. 

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