Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This and That

We had a lot of fun at the pool this evening but unfortunately it doesn't seem like a good time to upload the pictures I took. The internet is being ridiculously slow. So instead, I'll share some random pictures from the yesterday and today with a little bit of dribble about them, of course.

Here's Rachel all ready for school on trapezoid day—the last of the colour/shape days for this school year.

She breathed a huge sigh of relief when she came home from school. "Now I can just wear whatever I want to!" she said. Apparently what that was so exciting the first couple of days fizzled out by week three (seriously, three weeks of this). I think she had fun doing it because she was quite diligent about it, though I don't blame her for being relieved that it's over.

Here is Benjamin enjoying some blueberry pancakes. He can get quite messy, though this mess isn't terrible. Yet.

I love his little cheeks in this picture:

Here's Miriam showing off her blueberry tinted tongue:

We gave Benjamin a pickle at lunch. He wasn't quite sure what to think at first but after spitting it out and hastily throwing it back on his plate (he's well trained...ish) he decided to eat it anyway.

He's teething, big time. Like Rachel did when she was cutting her molars, Benjamin's developed bruises where the teeth are getting ready to pop through. I frankly don't recall if Miriam had the same thing happen. Anyway, Benjamin just cut the lower left lateral incisor and his gums look so swollen and painful where his molars are coming in, poor boy. Lucky for me he's actually been sleeping better now that his teeth hurt (he might take after me in that regard—I like to sleep when I'm in pain (or stressed out), too).

Miriam and I took advantage of his nap today and cleaned the house from top to bottom. We tidied up every room except Benjamin's room (where he was sleeping) and the master bedroom (where Daddy was working) and then swept and mopped. We have a little broom that the previous occupants left here when they moved and the girls love sweeping with it (when it's their idea). We also have two swiffers for some reason. I took apart one of the swiffers today and turned it into a little mop for Miriam so that we could mop together. She loved it.

She put away the dishes without complaining and folded the clean diapers. When Benjamin woke up we tidied up his room and then vacuumed all of our rugs. Miriam and I made a great team!

We decided to reward ourselves with a trip to the pool, which I'll post about whenever the pictures for that upload (could be days, could be months (and I'm only slightly exaggerating there)).

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