Sunday, August 25, 2013

Park walks

I finally charged the battery to our camera so naturally I took a billion pictures today, which was a perfectly normal day with no new announcements about deaths or horrible accidents or anything.

Benjamin's new favourite activity is pushing around stools, chairs, and other such things, and then climbing on them to add some height to his small stature. He can even pull himself onto the couch.

His interesting ensemble—sweat pants and a dress shirt—was only one part of his morphing outfit today. He had dress pants on when we left for church, but they were size "9 months" and he kept climbing out of them. When he and Andrew met up with the girls and me after the three-hour block, Benjamin had given up on pants altogether. When we got home, though, I put some pants on him to keep him from pulling off his diaper. By the time we skyped with my parents I think this is what he was wearing. By the time we skyped with Andrew's mom he had lost his shirt (prior to snacking on peaches). Before we left for our bedtime walk, however, he had again lost his pants.

This picture happened after I got a diaper back on him. He was definitely standing at the door completely naked minutes earlier, banging on the door and hollering at his sisters. He loves going outside.

How do I get to that handle?

I went outside to look at him from behind the glass and he made this lovely face for me:

Babies behind glass are one of the funniest things known to mankind. If there isn't a Tumblr for that already I should totally start one. I would be so hip.

After clothing the baby, we headed to the park. While Rachel had jumping lessons with Daddy...

...I kept the little ones entertained. Benjamin has discovered the joy of slides. He loves climbing up them a little more than going down them.

Ready for too many pictures of my boy on a slide? Here we go...

Miriam came down and kind of took over things.

We also had fun swinging.

Oh, the drool...

Rachel wanted us to come see how her jumping skills were progressing, so we did:

It was hard to get a good picture of her in action.

But I think this one is my favourite:

Her landings weren't always graceful, but she's a pretty tough kid.

Miriam had some fun on the swings as well:

Benjamin loved exploring all the little bits of nature on the ground.

We all headed back to the playground for a little more playing...

The kids wanted to go down the slide in a train. And by kids I mean Rachel and Miriam. Benjamin wasn't quite on board. (Haha! A pun!)

I gave them a push down but they still just inched their way to the bottom. Slides these days just aren't as slippery as I remember them being as a child.

Rachel and Daddy left for "three more jumps" before it was time to head out while Miriam and Benjamin continued to enjoy the playground.

It was a pretty good day. 

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