Thursday, December 26, 2013

A boy and his alligator...or crocodile

Benjamin really loves this crocodile...or alligator. Whatever it is he loves it. He likes to make it bite his fingers. He likes to feed it its bottle. He likes to use it as a stool. He just loves it.

Here are some pictures of him feeding his alligator today:

Would you like some milk Mr. Crocodile?

This picture was taken just as he was pulling the bottle out of his mouth. He was trying it out, I guess.

And finally sharing it with his crocodile/alligator pal:


  1. I am glad he likes it! Josie loved her similar animal moms with babies. I wish I could find ones exactly like she had, but these were close.

  2. So sweet. I've never seen a toy like that, but I love that the 'gators have their own bottle for Benjamin to use in feeding them.

    1. The bottle was commandeered from a doll, but he sure does love feeding his gator (funnily enough he only ever feeds the momma gator, never the babies).

    2. He understands the concept: feed the mom, the mom feeds the babies. Isn't that what you do, Nancy?