Monday, December 02, 2013

All she wants for Christmas is to lose a tooth

Yesterday morning Rachel woke us up to look at her teeth: they're loose. Finally!

Not all of them, of course, but her wee little central incisors are finally starting to wiggle around. A bit.

This girl has been waiting for this to happen since she started kindergarten. She's the last of all her friends to lose a tooth. Everyone in her school class, everyone in her primary class, everyone in the whole entire world has lost a tooth...except for her.

I remember feeling like that, too, and was acutely aware of everything going on in my mouth. I actually announced in the middle of grade one that I must've lost a tooth because I had new teeth growing in—my six year molars. My teacher said it was impossible but she wrote my name up on the tooth chart anyway. Turns out she was right. Those new molars weren't replacing anything; they were just coming in.

Rachel's pretty aware of her mouth, too—even though her class doesn't keep a chart of who and who hasn't lost teeth in any given month—and we've been putting teething gel on her gums where her molars are breaking through because she's been complaining about how terrible it is.

But this wiggling thing? This is new. And she's ecstatic!


  1. I love how ecstatic she is! Congrats, Rachel!

  2. Neither of my older kids lost teeth until 1st grade, which is super annoying because kindergarten is where it is at when it comes to losing teeth. Luckily for me they are good about just wiggling them out or in Gigi's case, eating tons of apples and having them fall out that way. As a kid I would just let mine hang forever. Even now I still have nightmares about losing teeth :)

  3. I have nightmares about losing teeth, too! Copious amounts of teeth will fall out of my mouth in those dreams. I wake up and have to check to make sure that any are left!

    I think our family are late tooth-losers. Which actually bodes well for the permanent teeth, I think...i will have to look it up.

  4. Joshua is 7 and no loose teeth yet. He is anxiously waiting too.