Friday, December 20, 2013

Rachel's Class Christmas Party

Yesterday the kids and I spent the entire day at Rachel's school. It was both exhausting and exhilarating. Perhaps it's was mostly exhausting for the grown ups and mostly exhilarating for the children. At any rate, that's how it seemed at the end of the day!

Rachel's class is doing a unit on bears and are currently studying polar bears. I brought in supplies to do a "blubber glove" experiment with the kids, which was well-received. Then the other room-parent talked about snowflakes and the kids made snowflakes with much enthusiasm until lunchtime.

After lunch they had recess outside and then we had a little downtime in the classroom with our little ones while the class was off at their afternoon "special." Miriam is friends with the other room-parent's daughter. They're both four and both have a year and a half left until kindergarten. They get a long great. Benjamin just went around wreaking havoc.

In the afternoon we made snowmen out of toilet paper rolls (Rachel's and Miriam's are pictured here (I didn't take this picture; I'm assuming Rachel did):

We brought in our ukuleles and taught the class Once There Was A Snowman. They seemed to love it. We also sang Jingle Bells more times than I can count. We also had cupcakes and cookies and candy canes. It was getting crazy in there by the end of the day, but it was a pretty fun educational party. 

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  1. Oh, now I know why you were collecting toilet paper rolls the other week. Looks like a great party! I always enjoy reading about your adventures. :)