Saturday, November 19, 2016

Not playgroup

I thought long and hard about going to playgroup on Friday morning. But...

A) playgroup usually starts at 9:00 and we weren't ready to go that early, so by the time we left the house we were already late. 
B) playgroup was at a playground a 15 minute—and slightly out of my bubble—drive from our house.
C) for whatever reason (spending half my life this month on the phone talking to insurance companies, perhaps?) I was craving solitude, not company.

So while I had (almost) every intention of going to playgroup, instead I found myself turning into the museum parking lot. We were right on time because there was no set time to be there, I didn't stress myself out on unfamiliar roads, and though the museum was quite crowded when we first got there, the crowd thinned by lunchtime—and I didn't run into a single person I knew, which meant I didn't have to talk to anyone but my children. 

It was lovely to spend the morning letting my children explore all on their own while I breathed in the warm smells of autumn. 


  1. Yay for solitude (kind of)! Sounds nice!

  2. They are getting so big! I'm glad Z is big enough that she can play with B a bit better now. :)