Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nothing to see here...

Sometimes my children make me feel like all I'm nothing but a big, ol' meanie. Truthfully, sometimes I probably am. But not always. 

And I know this now because Zoë accidentally recorded me (with my phone) while I was getting after her (for stealing my phone). When I started approaching her I didn't know what contraband item she was trying to hide from me, but I knew from her behaviour that it was definitely verboten.

I have a case/cover on my phone and I think it's made of leather. If I close the cover without first locking the phone, it sometimes won't lock on its own after x-amount of downtime because it seems to respond to the leather cover as if it was...human flesh. So a bit of a design flaw there. And now I really hope it's only cowhide. *shudder*

Anyway, I think that's how she was able to "unlock" the phone in the first place. There's no image to accompany the sound because she had the case open (thus covering the camera), but it's definitely evidence that even when I'm getting after my children I don't sound like a monster (at least...not all the time).

Here's the transcript:

"What are you up to, you...stealer-of-phones?" was said as I chased and tackled her.

"Oh, good!" was said as I realized she had been recording the whole affair.*

* Good thing we live in a single-party consent state or Zoë would have to lawyer up!

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