Saturday, November 12, 2016

Rainy days and Tuesdays...always get me down

I'm not even sure what to say. Tuesdays have seemed rather catastrophic the past couple of weeks and besides that I'm basically a ball of stress. But we'll get through this.

A sweet friend, knowing that I'd had a difficult Tuesday last week, stopped by on Wednesday morning with a frozen lasagna so that, at the very least, I wouldn't have to worry about dinner. We visited for a few minutes but then she let me go so that I could start working on untangling the gigantic knot my life has gotten itself into. As I closed the door I couldn't help but dissolve into a fit of laughter—the kind where you're so close to tears that if you don't laugh you're definitely going to break down and cry.


Our oven is broken!

It will preheat, but once it gets to temperature it turns off and won't click back on to keep the oven at temperature. Something about the igniter doohickey. I can't remember. I looked it up on Halloween when I realized the problem (those pumpkin seeds were taking forever to roast) and we were going to order the part and fix it, but then Tuesday happened.

And we still haven't gotten around to fixing the oven.

Because adulting is hard.

I feel like I've spent half my life on the phone the past couple of weeks (and I hate the phone). While I've been on the phone Benjamin and Zoë have been gorging themselves on Halloween candy and/or emptying the soil from the potted plants weeds on the back deck, both of which are technically no-nos. But also, babies/children don't scream (as much) when they have lollipops in their mouths and/or are throwing fistfuls of dirt at each other—it's science—so I guess it was worth it.

The Devil Andrew went down to Georgia to give a job talk, which was super exciting all around, but I didn't drive the whole time he was gone because...I'm a ball of stress. I just couldn't make myself leave the house without knowing I could call him to cry "I need you here right now!" should the need arise (which makes me sound needy (but, whatever, because Tuesday!)) so I just stayed home with my sugar-infused children and broken oven.

Oh, and toilet.

The toilet is broken as well.

But, like, I can fix things. I know my way around the toolbox. Kind of. And the tutorials online all said it was a super easy fix—replacing the supply line, that is. And fixing the toilet would make me feel capable (even if it was only an easy fix).

Karen had picked up some some plumber's tape for us while she was here, to see if that would fix the leak, but I just got around to it this week. Whatever I did seemed to only make the leak worse. I examined things and it looked like, perhaps, the rubber seal on the supply line wasn't good anymore. So I ordered a new supply line, which arrived yesterday. I followed the directions and got it all installed properly (probably?) but when I turned on the water again it started leaking even worse than before.

So "fixing" the toilet did not make me feel very capable at all.

Eventually we'll get around to fixing all the things, I'm sure (except, perhaps, the government—TUESDAY!!!).

We're just putting out fires one at a time, and once all the fires have been doused (except for the one in the oven, which will be burning because that's what ovens are supposed to do) I will kick back, relax, and enjoy that lasagna my friend brought over.

(Disclaimer: This post isn't meant to sound ungrateful because bringing that lasagna by was really the sweetest thing, and I really appreciated it (then and now)...but you have to admit that the irony surrounding the lasagna is at least a little bit funny...)


  1. I have been wondering how you were doing. It IS funny about the lasagna and broken oven. A little. :)

  2. Oh, Nancy! And in the midst of all this, you still worked on my ppt slides for me! You are wonderful! I am so sorry that you had a week like that! (For me, it is just all the people dying like flies!)I love you and hope things get better, once the "when it rains, it pours" time passes! No wonder you have been so quiet--I was thinking it was some PTS but more like just TS. Every day.

    1. Oh, yes. I'm so sorry about all of your cousins! This has been a rough month!