Monday, November 21, 2016

Swan pose

Rachel went camping with her friend's church group on Friday night, so it was just me and the three younger kids at home. We had pigs in a blanket and s'mores squares (because we missed out on all the yummy camping food Rachel was bragging about) and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (because Miriam recently finished the book (it was the 2005 version, but when we were finished I showed the kids a few clips from the original and now they want to watch that one because it's a musical and the 2005 film really isn't)). 

In the morning we did some yoga in our pyjamas while Rachel was having a pancake breakfast. I didn't make pancakes for the kids. When Andrew was gone to Atlanta I fixed yummy, wholesome dinners for the kids: apple pancakes and skillet lasagna and things like that. But they whined and complained so much about my lasagna (I put zucchini in) that this week when we went grocery shopping I said, "Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, frozen burritos...what else don't I have to cook?"

So we had cereal for breakfast. And then we did yoga.

While we were doing cobra pose, Miriam lifted up her feet and leaned back her head and discovered that she can execute a beautiful swan pose:

So Benjamin tried it and found that he could do it, too:

Miriam kept getting sillier and sillier with her feet:

Benjamin was pretty proud of his swan pose as well:

When Rachel got home they had to show her what they could do. She attempted it as well, but she's not quite there (must be getting old):

My attempt was very weak (sad). When I got as close as I possibly could, Miriam said, "Okay, now just stretch!"

"I am stretching!" I said.

It's something to work on, for sure. I don't think I've ever been able to do this (I remember trying as a child) but perhaps it's something I'll master in my thirties...maybe.

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