Sunday, July 02, 2017

Interesting Oatmeal

Had I waited just a little longer to write about Andrew's oatmeal experience it would have been ten times funnier because yesterday Benjamin and Zoë wanted oatmeal for lunch and we had a few oatmeal adventures, ourselves.

Zoë insisted that she wanted hers uncooked. She screamed at me when I put water in her bowl and when I put it into the microwave she had a complete meltdown. "NO! NO HOT! NO HOT!"

She was fine once her oatmeal was in front of her but, man, was she ever grumpy! (The grumpiness was explained when she wilted a little later in the afternoon with a fever of 102.)

Benjamin prepared his oatmeal, put his bowl in the microwave, and said, "How long do I cook it for? 30 seconds?"

That's his go-to time for the microwave. I think we made it a rule when he first started using the microwave (usually to make quesadillas): no more than thirty seconds at a time. Oatmeal, however, needs to cook for about a minute so I gave him permission to be fancy and set the timer for one minute.

Soon, however, we started hearing a crackling noise coming from the microwave and when we opened it we were met with a billowing cloud of smoke. He'd forgotten to add water and things were just "a little bit flamey." We doused his oatmeal with water and said goodbye to our purple IKEA bowl (I have a feeling we'll be hitting IKEA for a new set of kid dishes after we move).

On Facebook, our friend Susanne joked, "Andrew, thankfully, just eats it straight from the package and saves bowls' lives, right?" to which Andrew replied, "SAVE THE BOWLS!"

Who knew instant oatmeal could be so...interesting?


  1. Not only have we hidden the good dishes, we have rid our house of oatmeal and the microwave. After we purchase a few more fire extinguishers, we will truly be ready for your arrival.

  2. Good track record so far. I believe it is now Zoe's turn to destroy a bowl with oatmeal.