Thursday, May 24, 2018

In which Alexander shows off his teeth

Hey, everybody! Want to see my teeth?

Okay! I'll show you:

One, two! Pretty cute, aren't they? I think so!

Love, Baby Ander

Side story: Zoë has called Alexander "Baby Ander" since his birth but just the other day she called him Baby Alex with a long, drawn out /l/, a sound she's struggled to make in the past. She's even clearly pronounced Alexander a couple of times, which makes Momma sad because that means we won't ever hear Ag-guh-ganz-der or Ag-gex anymore.

So far we haven't called him Xander a lot. But Ander was a daily thing (that seems to also be on the way out now that Zoë can say Alexander).

1 comment:

  1. It's kind of sad when they start pronouncing things correctly. Ag-guh-ganz-der and Ag-gex are cute. :)

    Nice teeth, Baby Ander!