Thursday, May 24, 2018

Splash Pad, take one

Since the older girls both had "water day" at school yesterday (part of that last-week-of-school rigour) I took the little kids to the splash pad for their own day of water fun yesterday. It was a still a little chilly (I was surprised it was even open before Memorial Day) and it rained on us a little bit (which is slightly irrelevant considering we were there to get wet), but we still had fun!

Here is Benjamin and Zoë hanging out on the terrace by the splash pad:

The highway is just behind them, but I think the view is otherwise quite beautiful.

Here's Zoë, our newly minted three-year-old, trying her best to enjoy the water:

Benjamin was much braver:

Following his lead (and perhaps overdoing it a little), Zoë confidently stuck her head in one of the fountains:

And that was about the end of her romp in the splash pad; she spent the rest of her time sunbathing on the terraces.

Alexander wasn't too sure about the splash pad, either:

I have a hunch their feelings for the splash pad will warm up in tandem with summer temperatures. Here's a picture of the three kids in front of the fountain (I had to really coax Zoë to get her that close to it again):

And here are some pictures of the kids enjoying the terrace:

 Zoë rediscovered this little Dora doll and carried it around all day; Alexander tried all day long to take it from her:

That baby in the background of this picture cracks me up:

Here's a bit of a better shot:

I was trying to get a nice picture of the birthday girl, but she was largely not cooperating. Still, this one turned out:

Here are the boys playing in a towel together (while Zoë scowls in the background):

Here she is sort of cooperating (but not quite (which is all you can ask of a three-year-old, really)):

We also spent quite a bit of time at the playground nearby, which was quite a lot of fun (and quite big compared to our neighbourhood playground):

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  1. Cute pictures! Looks like a fun day! Sophie has already enjoyed the splash park here. It is opened on weekends only until after Memorial Day, I think. Thankfully when she came to visit, it was hot and she spent at least 3 hours per day (Saturday and Sunday) finding "best friends" to play with.