Friday, September 21, 2018

A breath of fresh air (literally)

Our air quality index has hovered between 20 and 30 all day today and we're frankly not sure what to do with ourselves. Our neighbours texted to offer to drive the kids to school (we've been taking turns since the AQI has been in the high 400s every morning recently) but I said I was going to be a mean mom and make them walk, so they walked to school this morning.

I think they were glad to walk, honestly.

They walked home from school and announced that they'd gotten to go outside for all of their recesses. I could be wrong, but I think the teachers were just as happy about that as the students were.

The sky was blue and clear and buzzing with activity. Helicopters were busy carting water and fire retardant into the canyon (which Benjamin and Zoë found thrilling and Alexander found rather confusing). Because today was relatively cool and breezeless, firefighters created a burn-line today (essentially a controlled burn ahead of the fire, as I understood it), which should have made even more smoke.

I'm not really sure where all the smoke is going because aside from a few smoldering spots on our side of the mountains, we can't see anything other than some haze in the canyon. There has to be a lot of smoke on the other side because the fires are still quite active (though they're about 25% contained now) and we could see the mountains silhouetted against red-orange smoke last night.

We're simply grateful to not be choking over here.

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