Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Are we eeyouman (or are we dancer)?

Alexander drew a group of humanoids the other day and beneath them all he made some markings:

"What does it say beneath your people?" I asked him.

"Those are the letters for the people," he told me. "Listen! E is for eeyouman! E! E! Eeyouman!"

He had drawn little Es for all the eeyoumans (humans) that he'd drawn.

"Well, then what's this one?" I asked, pointing to the obvious O.

"That's a B! For 'tiny guy!'" he said. "B! B! Tiny guy!"

Perhaps his knowing that "eeyouman" starts with E is a fluke (after all, it's really H for "human"), but it was a pretty cute coincidence. 

Today Alexander drew a picture of a firefly sunset. He really misses our "firefly sunset walks," as do I. Things have gotten pretty chilly here (part of the aftermath of the hurricane, I'm sure) and now with the time change it's dark by 6:00 (which seems cruel even though it's not much of a change for us) so getting out on walks in the evening is harder now. Still, even just a few weeks ago when we'd be out walking at sunset we'd see a firefly or two, flashing hopelessly (because there just aren't very many left to communicate with) into the night. 

Anyway, he's got the dark sky, the brilliant sunset, and his sweet little self surrounded by fireflies:

So while things are feeling particularly rough right now (just a few things getting under my skin—like a global pandemic, a tight presidential race, and costly house repairs—nothing major), I at least get to love and be loved by (and—as an added bonus—be entertained by) this sweet little boy all day every day. 

Here are a few pictures of him trying to convince his daddy to get out of bed the other day:

Instead that tricky daddy pulled him in for some morning snuggles.

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