Monday, February 15, 2021

Valentine Limericks II

Five years ago, I wrote some Valentine limericks and decided last night that I'd write another set. It's almost like a tradition...that occurs every five years...

They're not great but they're what I came up with while I was in the hall waiting for Zoë to fall asleep (until, like, midnight) last night.

Alexander’s in charge of the day.
He wakes bright and early to say:
“Hey! Look at the sun!
The morning has come!
Get up so that we can all play!”

Said Zoë, the bibliophile,
“I’m going to read for a while.”
She read tome after tome—
Every book in our home!—
The stack measured more than a mile!

A bee stung young Benjamin’s neck.
Though it swelled to the size of Quebec
He shed not a tear,
Said the queen then and there:
“I knight him Sir Benjamin, esq.”

Though Miriam seems rather mellow,
Her choices of organ and cello
Are so very bold
That truth to be told
Her belly is no where near yellow!

Our Rachel’s oft found in the kitchen
Making food of a sweet composition
There’s always desert
(One more cookie won’t hurt)—
It seems she’s a sweet-tooth physician!

There once was an Orem from Andrew
Who did all (and more than) he planned to.
He’s smart and he’s nice,
This Professor Heiss.
And he makes every dream of mine come true.

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