Wednesday, July 14, 2021

I get it now...

Years ago—and I can't remember quite when or in what context (though I must have answered a simple question like, "What's new?" with "Nothing much. Things are pretty boring around here,")—Reid told me that boring is good

Excitement is bad. 

Boring is what you want. 

I'm not sure I immediately understood because sometimes when you're in your twenties you crave adventure (which, I mean, I think when he said this to me I was living in Egypt, which was like an everyday adventure as I tried to navigate the culture and the language), but today I'm feeling it. 

Adventure is fine. A bit of excitement every now and again can be thrilling. 

But sometimes it's a flash flood entering your basement. 

Or a child breaking their arm. 

Or any number of draining (emotionally, monetarily, or otherwise) things.

And those things aren't fun. 

A lot of excitement isn't fun.

Today I'm grateful for boredom. I'm grateful my life isn't an action/adventure film or a soap opera. I'm happy to just sit at home and read books and play games with my family and just be boring together.

Boring is good. 

I like boring.

It's calming and stable and fine. 

Adventure is out there—I love a good adventure!—but I can also make my peace with boredom.

Here's wishing you all a good dose of humdrum, everyday life.

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  1. "It isn't an adventure unless you might die," someone once said. So, yeah, boring is better.