Friday, August 20, 2021

A few scattered thoughts

Somehow both a lot and not a lot have been going on at the same time this week. We had a tropical storm come through, which caused a lot of rainy days for us. Fortunately, nothing that caused too much damage (at least at our house). Alexander was bothered by this storm—named Fred—because it would mean three days of no sunshine, which would mean three days of not going to the pool.

In fact, I don't think we made it to the pool at all this week!

Besides the rain, I was quite busy with all sorts of things. 

I've started a new semester (balancing four classes) and a new job (as a graduate assistant helping plan a conference in the spring). I had a doctor's appointment (baby's doing just fine) and a follow-up appointment with my nutritionist (my blood sugar is also doing just fine). I think between training for my job and virtual doctor appointments (my OB appointment was in-person) and classroom meetings I've had a zoom meeting every day this week. 

So we just didn't feel like we had time to make it to the pool the past couple of sunny days, unfortunately.

Next week we'll do better. At least on the non-stormy days.

The kids just mostly kept their nose to the grindstone with their schoolwork this week. They were really great at respecting both my zoom meetings and my nap time. Phoebe needs a nap (and I need one, too). 

Today Rachel wanted to make cookies for everyone, but didn't want to not make a treat for me, so she found a recipe for pumpkin bread using almond flour and monk fruit sweetener (it's not no carb, but low carb (I'm not on a no-carb diet, anyway)). I had some with my dinner tonight. It was leftover night, so I had homemade tomato soup, which is shockingly high in its carbohydrate count so I knew I didn't want to have a full grilled-cheese sandwich or anything wild like that (imagine eating soup and a sandwich in the same meal—the luxury!). Rachel's pumpkin bread make the perfect companion to the soup; it felt very autumnal, it tasted heavenly, and it didn't make my blood sugar spike!

We went for a walk after dinner and it felt rather autumnal outside as well, which is shocking because it's still rather hot and humid. Already some trees have decided to drop their leaves. This always confuses me about living in the south; I want to scream out the trees, "It's 86°F (30°C)! What are you thinking?!" but I guess they can tell that the lighting is changing, even if it still hot and humid. And it is! The sky feels autumnal, even though the thermostat says otherwise.

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  1. What a great meteorologist you have there! Haha. I think he says "Spanish" with a southern accent. :)

    Congrats on your new job! That sounds like something you'd be good at.

    I don't know if these are the reasons for the leaves falling already, but I did see these 4 possibilities.