Saturday, August 14, 2021

Our first podcasts

During Spring Semester I took a course called "New Literacies," which focused on building a digital identity and integrating technology in the classroom. For our final project, we had to produce a podcast that discussed (1) an archival document from the special collections library, (2) an aspect of our personal or professional life, (3) a song, movie, or book from popular culture. I think those were the three main points we had to discuss (in addition to our digital identity and teaching, in general). 

It was quite a challenge, honestly. This is what I came up with:


Because I spent so much time recording (and re-recording (and re-re-recording)) my script and figuring out how to piece it all together, the kids got quite interested in learning how to produce a podcast as well. So when my sister suggested that they research real-life dragons and write essays to convince her which one is the best...they decided to take on her challenge in podcast form.

It was quite a challenge, honestly. They had to research their chosen creature, write an essay about it, record their essays, add background music and other little sound effects, and stitch everything together....

It took them a lot longer than I think they thought it would take initially, but I think they gained some good skills (to put to use for the next episode they're planning), as well as a greater appreciation for all the effort involved in producing a podcast in the first place. 

Don't mind the little quirks—like variation in volume (be ready to adjust the volume!)—but do have a listen! They worked hard and did a great job!

After you listen, be sure to vote in their poll. I was planning on embedding it here, but Rachel created it and I have to snag that code from her, so for now just click on THIS LINK to access the poll!

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