Saturday, August 28, 2021

Saturday chores

Today the kids helped me go through all their dressers; we swapped out things that are too small (passing things down, saving things for later, and generating a big bag of cast-offs). Our drawers are a lot happier now and everyone's sizing makes a lot more sense. It's been so long since we've gone through their drawers that Benjamin still had cut-off shorts that are size 4 and a bunch of t-shirts from kindergarten hanging out in his drawers.

Clearly these things are much better suited for Alexander by now since he's almost four. But Benjamin was only in grade two when we moved here so  it still made sense for him to cling to a few of his favourite kindergarten shirts. Now that he's in grade four it make much less sense for him to be squeezing into things from kindergarten. 

All this was so that we could clear out a little set of drawers in Zoë and Alexander's room so that Phoebe can have a place for her things.

We also got out the baby clothes to see what we still had left. I remembered being pretty brutal in my last thinning of our stored baby clothes, but somehow had convinced myself I had two bins of baby girl clothes.

I do not. 
I did a very good job getting rid of things! I kept a few favourite outfits for each child—outfits that I knew we took some good photos in or that had pleasant memories associated with them—and that's about it. 

So we don't have much. 

But it should be okay. Our neighbour up the street has a couple of little girls (one Alexander's age and one a few months old) and she said she'll be ready to weed through her baby things soon. 

So we're slowly getting ready for baby, which is fine because we still have plenty of time. Of course, I'm about at the point that I wish time would move faster. Monitoring my blood sugar is rather stressful for me because I'm a little bit of a perfectionist. My evening blood sugar levels have been higher than I'd like the last couple of days and I've been stressing out over how I'm ever going to keep them in range for the next 96 days (but hopefully fewer, since my doctor would like to induce by 39 weeks if I haven't had the baby by then (because of the diabetes); I just don't think that my doctor has realized that 39 weeks is Thanksgiving Day and I'm not sure she'll want to schedule an induction for that day and if we schedule it later, then what's even the point of inducing?).

Anyway, I did a bunch of research and began to wonder if my high blood sugar numbers were due to the time we were eating dinner, not what we were eating for dinner (because I was eating so carefully and exercising right after, just like normal (because that's normal, right?)). We have been eating dinner rather late the past few days. I'm not even sure why because it's not like we've had much going on (we're very much homebodies these days). So tonight we had an earlier dinner, then went for our postprandial stroll and my numbers were beautiful. And I even had potatoes. So...I think it's a timing thing.

I went through my glucometer to check my levels with my meal times and this theory seems to pan out.

So we'll be having early dinner for the next several weeks.

And if dinner for everyone isn't ready by the time I need to eat then I guess I'll still be having early dinner and everyone else can eat later.

Only one trimester left...

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