Friday, September 17, 2021

Pool Season is Over

On Wednesday I washed all the pool towels and all the swimsuits and put them away. 

I'd washed them periodically throughout the summer, of course, but never all at once, and never with the intention of putting them away until "next year." 

So I guess fall is really upon us.

The pool doesn't technically close until Sunday, but knowing the weather forecast for the rest of this week ("cold" and rainy), we called Tuesday our last day of the pool season and convinced Daddy to take a couple hours off of work to come swimming with us (since he hadn't been to the pool with us since May).

The pool season opened with frogs and salamanders and ended with...a snake! Benjamin rescued it from the little filter basket and let it go in the grass.

The kids were all determined to learn how to do a flip off the diving board before their opportunity expired. Benjamin and Zoë figured it out!

And because Daddy was there, things got a little wild in the deep end...

The kids all whine about how awful it is to be throw in the pool and then come back begging for more.

Part of me will miss running to the pool every chance we get (I don't even know how many times we went over the course of the summer (so many)), but part of me is happy for other things. I took the kids to the park this afternoon and it only took them thirty seconds to slip on their shoes and hop into the car, which is much more manageable than the chaotic marathon of getting ready to go to the pool—finding all the bathing suits, towels, swim gear; applying sunscreen; braiding Zoë's hair; etc. 

It was nice to just go

But the pool was always nice, too.

Here are the kids bidding the pool adieu (Alexander gives the swim season two big thumbs up):

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