Thursday, September 30, 2021

Wake me up when September ends

It seems like I'm doing well if I can manage to post twice during the week! 

Today I had another prenatal appointment. The nurse that I like was working and asked if I wanted my Tdap booster today or at my next visit (in two weeks...because we're into the single digits now...of weeks left) and since the nurse that I don't like is usually the one working when I come in I said, "Today, please!" to getting the shot because the other nurse had to draw my blood once and she, like, exploded my vein or something (it bled for almost an hour and took forever to heal, with plenty of bruising, pain, and a friendly scar that has yet to leave). 

The shot was fine, but my arm is a little sore. 

Not very sore. Just sore enough that when I move it I think to myself, "Huh...I wonder why my arm is...oh, yeah."

I'm trying not to be forgetful these days but there's just so much to remember.

I've been putting together The Hancock Hummer this evening and Andrew, knowing I was in project mode, came upstairs at 10:00 and sweetly reminded me that it was time for my evening snack. 

I've gotten so used to ignoring my hunger cues and cravings—eating strictly by the clock and calorie/carb count—that if I'm not keeping track of the time then I just forget to eat at all. It's fine (in case you haven't gathered: I kind of dislike gestational diabetes). So technically Andrew came up at 10:10 to remind me that it was time for my snack when he hadn't heard me come downstairs on my own. 

It's a team effort. 

Anyway, baby is doing fine. The doctor thinks she's in a head-down position now, based on where she found the heartbeat (and I am feeling more kicks directed at my ribcage, so that's a good sign), but we'll do a quick ultrasound in a couple of weeks just to make sure (I really hope she has).

We've been praying for her to flip on her own. At least...some of us have.

Alexander was saying the family prayer before bedtime not too long ago (sometime within the last two weeks, probably two weeks ago Thursday, since that's when we found out she was settling in breech), something he still needs a little prompting with, otherwise he says "thank you for this day, please bless it" and that's it. Rachel was taking a turn helping him.

"And please bless our new baby," she said.

"And please bless our new baby," he diligently repeated.

"That she can flip upside down," Rachel continued.

Alexander recoiled at this thought and shot Rachel a look that said, "You're so dumb!"

Then he just closed the prayer because there was no way he was going to pray for that!

Despite Alexander not understanding why everyone wants the baby to turn upside down, I think she's gone and done it, anyway. Well, done, baby!

But we'll check in a couple of weeks just to make sure. I also get to start non-stress tests that week, which is where I just sit in a chair for 20 minutes with a couple of monitors strapped to my belly (one to measure heart rate, one to measure contractions) just to make sure baby is going to be nice and healthy (because of my "advanced" maternal age, gestational diabetes, risk of preterm labour, blah, blah, blah...). It's called a non-stress test because they don't really do anything to the baby to change its environment (thereby stressing it out); they're simply observing the baby's heart rate and movements over time. But it's pretty non-stressful for me, too! 

I mean...I get to sit in a chair for 20 minutes...and no one is going to come in and chat with me or complain about anything or ask me to take them potty just as I've gotten comfortable.

So, things are going well on the baby-front. 

Hopefully I'll find time this weekend to write about the other-kids front.

And now that September is over, we can kinda-sorta officially say that this baby is coming next month!

Again, she's not due until December 2, but...because of my "advanced" maternal age, gestational diabetes, risk of preterm labour (deteriorating placenta?), blah, blah, blah... She's been invited to come in November.

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