Monday, September 13, 2021

Time Traveling Fathers and Banana Cobwebs

Andrew teaches in-person on Mondays, which means he *gulp* leaves the house. This has been somewhat of an adjustment for our household and poor Alexander still can't understand why Dad ever leaves to go anywhere because for most of his memory everyone has just always been home. There have only been three Mondays so far this semester so it's still a relatively new change. I'm sure we'll get used to it. 

This morning all the boys were awake when it was time for Andrew to leave for campus (the girls, as far as we know, were all still sleeping, though it's also possible they simply hadn't emerged from the basement yet (Zoë for sure was still asleep)), so Andrew gathered our small group together to have a partial-family prayer before he left for the day. He asked Benjamin to say it, so Benjamin did.

"...and please help dad have a good time traveling..." Benjamin said. 

"TIME TRAVELING!?!?!" Alexander exclaimed, his jaw just about dropping to the floor. 

" work," Benjamin finished, annoyed at the interruption. 

When Andrew left the house he said, "Goodbye! See you last week!" The boys thought that was funny. At least, Benjamin did. Alexander probably just played along (because there are a lot of things he doesn't get but pretends to). 

Still, having a time traveling father is pretty neat, I guess.

We also figured out Alexander's confusion about corn on the cob today. Now that we understand his mistake, I'm not really sure why we hadn't made this connection before (because clearly he had). 

We did not have corn on the cob today. But I did give Alexander a banana with lunch. I peeled the banana halfway and handed it to him and he was in awe of how the peels draped over his hand when he held it. 

I figure now that he's nearly four I can stop cutting up his bananas for him (we've really babied this one because it's hard to stop babying the baby when there's no new baby to replace them; well, he's finally getting replaced...though I don't know how we'll ever stop babying Phoebe). 

Anyway, he exclaimed, "Wow! It's like a banana on the cobweb!"

"A banana on the cobweb?" I asked. 

"Yeah!" he said. "Like corn on the cobweb but a banana!"

"Ooooooh!" everyone around the table said. 

The first time we had corn on the cob over the summer he kept calling it "corn on the web" and no one could figure out why. The silky strands? The fact that cob and web are both CVC words? How was he making this connection?! HOW!?


Only for some reason it's only "corn on the web" but "banana on the cobweb."

One fo these days he'll get it right!

Speaking of bananas, two of the three banana plants we put in our yard seem to have taken root and are thriving. Our neighbour's banana plants are enviable compared to ours (which is part of the reason we snagged the banana plants when they were offered). His are all well-established and he has a little bunch of bananas growing on one of his plants (he showed us while we were out for our post-dinner stroll). Unfortunately, the last time he had bananas growing we had a frost before they were finished (that's usually the case in Georgia; we're not quite the right climate for bananas).

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